ABC pays all adoption fees at PAWS shelter in Chicago

"Downward Dog" debuts here on ABC Wednesday night and it stars a rescue canine discovered at a Chicago shelter.

His leading lady also launched her career here at Second City. The actress talked to Janet Davies about the pooch who's stealing the spotlight in this new comedy.

"He's got the most beautiful eyes, he's got these soulful eyes and when you look at them you feel like there's really an intelligent being, there's someone in there connecting with the world and connecting with people," said Allison Tolman, Ned's co-star.

When Tolman was cast, no one bothered to ask if she's allergic to pet hair.

"They did not ask me... fools, because I do and I did not supply that information and they did not ask wasn't until we went to shoot that I was like, guess what, I need an allergy pill!" Tolman said.

Allison's co-star came back to the shelter where he was discovered, but a lot of people were worried that you can't go home again.

"I was excited and nervous to see what that was going to bring up with him emotionally, would it set him back and would he be ok with it. He did have big reactions, as you can see he's working through it just fine," said Nicole Handley, Ned's trainer.

"Our volunteers loved him and it's a dream come true for shelter animals and to show the public these are great dogs," said Paula Fasseas, PAWS Chicago Founder.

ABC is paying all adoption fees for adult dogs & cats at PAWS on Tuesday. You still have a few hours to get that deal, and give one of these pets a loving home!

"Downward Dog" premieres 8:30 p.m. May 17, but then airs regularly at 7 p.m. Tuesdays afterwards.

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