Dog held hostage after attacking a neighbor's cat

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A pet owner claims his dog was held hostage by a neighbor after it broke loose and attacked a cat. (KTRK)

A man in Colorado was forced to call the police when his neighbor held his rescue dog hostage.

Bill Feldman got worried when his dog, Henry, got out of his yard.

"I was intensely concerned. As much as a parent would be about their preschooler," Feldman told KDVR-TV.

Then the phone rang.

"The neighbor said, I have your dog. He's fine," Feldman said. "Unfortunately, he's attacked a cat."

After Feldman volunteered to pay for the vet bill, the neighbor said he wouldn't give Henry back until the entire vet bill, totaling $325.00, was paid.

So Feldman called police.

"Henry is my life. I have no wife. I have no ex-wife. I have no kids," Feldman said.

Police did not charge the neighbor because he gave the dog back. Feldman then paid the vet bill, and the cat survived.
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