Dog named Kitty honored for life-changing work

FORT WORTH, Texas -- At Cook Children's Hospital in Fort Worth, one member of the staff is providing life-changing care, some even say miraculous.

She's doing it without a college degree, and maybe not even what some might consider a proper canine name.

Meet the golden retriever named Kitty. Dr. Jamye Coffman is Kitty's primary handler and takes care of her when they're not at work.

She says Kitty just has a way of making the hospital less scary.

"That's what she does for these kids. She reduces their stress," Dr. Coffman told WFAA.

Clearly, it's not just the kids who benefit. You can almost see the exact moment Kitty's treatment kicks in.

Kitty is so good at her job, she brings even the manliest men to their knees.

The only thing Kitty prescribes is happiness. But, incredibly, science says she might be helping medically, too.

"It reduces depression. It increases your bonding hormones, which are the hormones that make you feel better. It does all these things and they've actually measured it," Dr. Coffman said.

Probably because even when Kitty takes a break, she's hard at work giving out smiles.

Dr. Coffman says Kitty has truly made a difference in many lives.

Which is why the Milk Bone Company just chose a dog named Kitty as one of America's 15 dogs who change the world. Changing the world may be just what this doctor ordered.