Edison Park residents fed up with noisy doggie daycare

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Some Edison Park residents say they're fed up with a doggie daycare in their neighborhood. The business called Doggie Topia, opened in May and offers canine day care, overnight board and pick up and drop off service, all in an open-air environment. The business is properly-licensed and open during normal hours, but nearby residents say they're being woken up early by loud barking.
At a community meeting Thursday night, Ald. Anthony Napolitano says complaint calls have been pouring in, about noise and smells and escaped pets.

"I'm getting complaints that the smell is atrocious," Ald. Napolitano says. "I got complaints that dogs have escaped."

"We're not dealing with one bark of a neighborhood dog next to you," says Ron Ellingsen, who lives in the neighborhood. "We're talking they're together, these dogs. And when they go, it's all of them together. "

Lottie Campos, who owns the business, attended the meeting. She denies dogs have ever escaped, but acknowledged the noise.

"There is a lot of barking, but that's what it is," Campos says. "It's a day care. We come out. The dogs play ball. They run around. They swim. They play with the hose. That's exactly what it is. It's a day care."

"It sounds like a wild pack of animals at their loudest," Ellingsen counters. "They've woken me up in the morning, 7 a.m."

Doggie Toipa is properly licensed and Campos says she's just trying to run a business.

You're welcome to come in," she says. "It's there for people to come in and see."

Campos says about 40 dogs are on the property during the day. She says she would consider putting up taller fences and other measures to reduce the noise.
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