Help one-legged Duck waddle for 1st time

DURAND, Ill. -- A one-legged duck in Illinois may soon get a chance to waddle for the first time at a new rehab center.

Two-year-old Snuggles was born unable to walk, WIFR reports. But when she came to Hoo Haven Rehabilitation Center in Durand, Ill., Director Karen Herdklotz found the duck had spirit.

"After having that kind of life, for two years most animals are cranky or whatever. She just had an ever-giving spirit," Herdklotz said. "I think she represents hope."

But now, life is a win-win-win for her. Snuggles will get a new wheelchair, Hoo Haven is raising money for a prosthetic leg and Snuggles made a new friend with a pelican named Buttercup.

Despite their differences, the two feathery friends have formed an inseparable bond.

"He found snuggles. He went over and he's just - he's just adopted her. He sleeps by her. He grooms her. He does not stray far from her," Herdklotz said.

Hoo Haven has already raised more than $1,300 for Snuggles' prosthetic leg. She sure is one lucky duck.

"She might be in a wheel chair, or she's not the perfect runner. By golly, she's going to be a star," Herdklotz said.