Snake hunter cashes in by capturing 16-foot python

Dusty "Wildman" Crum catches snakes for a living.

The South Florida Water Management District pays hunters $8.10 an hour to catch and dispose of pythons in an effort to protect the Everglades.

But when hunters wrestle a big one into submission, they can earn even more cash.

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Fortunately for Dusty, he just spent some close quality time with a snake he compared to Andre the Giant or Hulk Hogan.

The massive python he caught with his bare hands was an incredible 16-feet, 10-inches long, and weighed 130 pounds.

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The trappers were in the Florida Everglades when they found the massive snake.

"Whoo! 16-10, baby! Man, that's a big one," Dusty exclaimed, as officials weighed the animal. "Biggest snake I ever caught in my life right there."

With the giant catch, there was a much bigger payday, too: $375.

Hunters can get a $50 bonus for a four-foot long snake, and $25 additional for each foot above.

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There's a serpent hiding in this photo...

Lucky for Dusty, officials rounded up on this deal.

The district also pays out an extra $100 for each python found guarding nests with eggs.

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