Zoo that livestreamed April the Giraffe giving birth working on permanent 'Giraffe Cam'

HARPURSVILLE, N.Y. (WLS) -- The zoo that livestreamed April the Giraffe giving birth earlier this month has announced that a permanent camera is in the works.

"The Giraffe Cam is not gone forever! This week we will announce viewing day/times for you to check in and watch progress! This schedule will continue until noted differently. A permanent yard cam will go up this season which will also reconnect you to your favorite giraffe family," Animal Adventure Park announced on Facebook.

More than a million people watched a livestream as April gave birth to a boy calf.

The livestream and birth has brought in a lot of money to the rural upstate New York zoo, which says the money will go to park improvements, a contribution to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation and unexpected medical expenses for local children.

Animal Adventure Park is holding a contest to name April's calf. The zoo is holding a contest to name the calf and the first round of voting is expected to end in the coming days with the top 10 making it to the second round.

The cost is $1 a vote with a five vote minimum. For more information on the naming contest, visit www.nameaprilscalf.com.

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