Food truck owners from Chicago's South Side do what they can to feed city's homeless

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Two friends from Chicago's South Side are doing what they can every day to feed the city's homeless through their food truck business.

Phlavz is new to Chicago's food truck scene but their jerk chicken dishes, and their giving spirit, are already getting recognized.

"I'm not rich so the only thing I can provide is food and everybody loves food," said Phillip Simpson, owner of the Phlavz food truck.

Simpson and his partner Andrew Bonsu run on the simple philosophy of doing what they can to help with what they have to offer.

"You drive past them you see them with the signs on the street, 'Need money for food' or whatever it may be, and we're sitting here with a truck with a lot of food inside of it," Bonsu said. "One day we were like, 'Yo, let's give back, let's give it back to them' and you can just see the smiles on their faces."

When Simpson and Bonsu close up shop for the day, they make their rounds to shelters and tent cities offering up what they can.

"It's important to just let them know that they aren't forgotten out there," Simpson said. "Sometimes people have a hard time in just bouncing back. You know something as small as to give them a plate and something to eat and they appreciate that. Make their day a little bit better."

The Homewood-Flossmoor and Thornwood High School grads said they want to be an example to others that it's not about how much you have but how you can help.

"To be able to give back and show some of the kids that there is more that you can do outside of what society expects you to do, that's the biggest part of all this to me," Simpson said.

Simpson said he likes to be a role model.

"For somebody to see where we came from and where I come from to where I am now it's just a testament that anything can happen if you keep God first."

Thanks to the power of social media, Simpson and Bonsu have started getting calls from companies that have seen the work they're doing.

The companies want to donate food so they can keep the good work going.

Phlavz is also expanding with plans to open a store in the University Village area next month.

You can do your part to help the homeless by taking part in The World's Big Sleep Out. It's taking place on DePaul University's campus in Chicago on December 7, as well as in cities across the globe.

The goal is to have 50,000 people sleep out worldwide and to fundraise $50 million for local and international charities.
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