Wife surprises husband with 'baby' message during photo booth session

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Friday, June 19, 2015

Capturing a special announcement to a loved one on video without them suspecting anything can be tricky.

This woman, though, told her husband that she was expecting their baby through a well-crafted photo booth session, and it went off without a hitch. Her husband's surprise and subsequent happy tears are all caught in a series of photos -- and in this adorable video.

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Jessica Devins planned this special pregnancy announcement to her husband because photo booths are special to the couple. She told ABC that during the couple's first date at Disneyland, they used a photo booth, and it has been a tradition ever since. They stepped into one on the day they got engaged at Disney World, and they even hired one out for guests to use at their wedding.

"It only seemed appropriate that I tell Michael that we're expecting our first baby in a photo booth since it's a tradition that we started years ago," Devins said. "We have a wall in our home that has many of our photo booth strips as they are memories we cherish."

In the baby announcement, Michael wasn't tipped off by the video camera because Jessica, a photographer, had been recording their photo booth sessions for a few months, she explained on YouTube.

The sweet video, which was posted in December, now has more than 15 million views.

"We are just over the moon with joy," Jessica wrote, "and then to see how many people like our video is just heartwarming!"

UPDATE: Baby Calvin was born earlier this month, according to the Devins' blog.