PHOTOS: Teen sucker punched stranger who corrected bad behavior

PHILADELPHIA -- Philadelphia police are looking for a teenager who used his fists, instead of his words, when a stranger confronted him about his bad behavior.

"I want the juvenile or teenager (to) get caught so he doesn't do it to anyone else," said Santo, the victim of the attack.

Santo reached out to Action News, hoping someone might recognize the teen who attacked him back on September 2.

The suspect is seen in surveillance video released recently by police.

Santo said the attack happened around 10:45 p.m.

He was standing outside his car, which was parked in the middle of Broad Street, when one of five teenagers who were standing in front of the 7-Eleven store at Broad and Wolf streets threw something.

"A pretzel comes flying over and hits the passenger side window where my girlfriend was sitting," said Santo.

It was an odd start to what would turned into a violent attack.

"I went across the street to ask why, what was going on," said Santo. "And one of the kids said 'Well, why are you so close to her?' And before I could even, respond one of the kids hit me and knocked me down to the ground."

The punch was delivered with such force it shattered Santo's jaw.

Wires, screws and metal plates shine out from the x-rays taken after $72,000 worth of hospital care.

Santo said he thinks the teens are local to South Philadelphia.

He wants people to look carefully at the surveillance video showing the attacker.

He said he is baffled by the violence. He doesn't remember the suspect saying anything, just throwing the punch.

"If somebody could recognize him and turn him in... or maybe he will see it (and) turn himself in," said Santo. "Do the right thing."

Anyone with information is asked to contact Philadelphia police. null
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