'We love you,' JRW All-Star Pierce Jones says

Wednesday, August 27, 2014
JRW: We love you
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JRW team introduced to roaring crowds at Millennium Park.

CHICAGO -- "We just want to say thank you. And we love you," Jackie Robinson West All-Star Pierce Jones said to a cheering crowd at Millennium Park.

Pierce spoke after the U.S. Little League champions were introduced by Chicago White Sox announcer Hawk Harrelson.

"You brought us happiness, you brought us pride. You brought us hope, you brought us light, and faith in our future- and that's something we've got to remember," Harrelson said. "We are proud of what you accomplished on the field, but believe me, what made us most proud of the way you showed the world on how you play the game. How you handled the successes and the failures. How you cheered one another, even your opponents. How you cared enough about the feelings of the opposing player to shake his or her hand. Or pat them on the back. How even after Sunday's loss, you showed the world pure joy and fun with a crazy handshake at home plate."