Pillow Talk: Cheating on Craigslist

CHICAGO -- Monday's Pillow Talk question got a huge reaction from our live studio audience. It comes from "Ms. D" in Chicago. She writes:

"I met my boyfriend on Craigslist five years ago. He's a kind, generous and romantic person. However I've never fully trusted him, partly because of the way we met. I noticed him on CL one day and he explained that he was looking for a computer. When he left, I checked. He's been less than forthcoming. I set up a 'sting' ad and he responded to it. He even sent his picture and phone number. Needless to say, I was flabbergasted! Guess what? I did it again (under a different name) and he responded again! Online, he claims to be a widow, saying he hasn't been in a relationship in three years. What??? ...Quite frankly, I've become addicted to these stings... I want to set him up and have him meet me at Starbucks. What do you think?"

Val, Ryan, Ji and Roe Conn weigh in on the question.

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