Video related to Paul O'Neal police shooting to be released Friday

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Video related to the fatal shooting of Paul O'Neal by Chicago police will be released Friday, according to the city's Independent Police Review Authority.

The "video materials" will be released via IPRA's online case portal at 11 a.m., said a statement from IPRA, which is charged with investigating police-involved shooting. That video will be from body cameras worn by two of the three officers who fired at O'Neal. A third camera was not working properly.

The agency said it has "extended an invitation to the O'Neal family (via their attorney) to view the videos that will be released prior to the materials going public."

Bolingbrook police also released video Wednesday night, which they said shows O'Neal just hours before he was shot and killed by police.

Bolingbrook police say cameras recorded O'Neal, wearing a backpack, and other men with several stolen cars, including a Buick, at a Speedway Gas Station.

O'Neal, 18, was unarmed when police shot him in the back in the city's South Shore neighborhood last week. Police were responding to a report of a stolen Jaguar from west suburban Bolingbrook.

The video does not show the Jaguar, which police said O'Neal used to strike two squad cars as officers were trying to stop him.

Three officers were relieved of their police powers in connection with the shooting.

The body cam worn by the officer who fired the fatal shot did not capture the shooting. Multiple cameras captured the night of the shooting, however, none captured the shooting, said Chicago police Supt. Eddie Johnson.

The officers in question received their body cams within the previous 8-10 days, said Frank Giancamilli, a CPD spokesman. Police are unsure as to the exact reason why the footage was not recorded on the officer's camera.

Johnson said he believes the officers may have violated department policy, but did not specify.

On Monday, O'Neal's family filed a federal civil rights lawsuit.
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