3 vying to replace longtime Schaumburg mayor

SCHAUMBURG, Ill. (WLS) -- The focus may be on the Chicago election, but suburban mayoral races are heating up.

Just eleven miles west of O'Hare International Airport sits suburban Schaumburg. Known for IKEA, the Woodfield Mall and a mayor that has held office for 32 years. But, Al Larson is not seeking re-election opening the door for Tom Dailly, Nafees Rahman and Matthew Steward who are anxious to replace Larson.

"I think I have the knowledge and the experience to keep Schaumburg the prosperous community that it has been," said Dailly.

Longtime Village Trustee Tom Dailly has the endorsements of Larson and The Daily Herald. Dailly has also become the main target for one of his opponents.

Nafees Rahman tried filing a complaint with police today over a video that Rahman says shows someone in his neighborhood knocking over his campaign signs and damaging property.

"I've received several calls from my neighbors that my signs were taken off, destroyed or removed," said Rahman.

The candidate claims its Dailly's supporters that are doing the damage. Dailly says his campaign is not responsible.

"We don't mind if the other two want to slug it out and we'll be the last man standing," said candidate Matthew Steward.

The 40-year-old is the youngest in the race and the only candidate born and raised in Schaumburg. Steward is also the only candidate to oppose video gambling. His priority is improving neighborhoods and schools.

Rahman wants to cut government waste and bring diversity to an all-white Village Board and Dailly hopes to sink more money into road improvements.

With a mayor in office for more than three decades, Tom Dailly says term limits should be discussed, Matthew Steward hasn't taken a position and Nafees Rahman supports term limits.
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