Chicago offers Amazon 10 potential sites for second headquarters

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Governor Bruce Rauner Friday released a list of 10 Chicago-area locations for Amazon to consider in choosing their second headquarters.

The options offered in Chicago's bid include eight locations in Chicago and two in the suburbs.

The city sites include one anchored by the Old Chicago Main Post Office, the site of the permanently closed Michael Reese Hospital near McCormack Place, and the area being called "the 78" along the river, where Rauner and Emanuel recently announced plans for a new innovation center.

In the suburbs, the Motorola campus in Schaumburg is one of the suburban sites in the bid, as well as the McDonald's corporate campus in Oak Brook that will become available when the company moves downtown.

"I believe very firmly that the Chicago metropolitan area is the best location for Amazon by far," Rauner said. "With our people, with our university system, our education system, our transportation network and O'Hare Airport."

The politicians said they will not release the complete bid to bring Amazon's second headquarters to Chicago, even though Boston will be releasing their entire 218 page offering.

Details of the tax incentives are not being released.

"To lay every card out for every one of our competitors, we don't think that's smart, we're glad to know Boston's offering, that can impact our negotiating strategy," said Rauner.

One analysis of potential cities for Amazon ranked Chicago second best, while another ranked Chicago 25th.

"We are the best location for Amazon, anywhere they could possibly go, we have the best location of any state they could possibly choose," Rauner said. "So we believe we are going to win."
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