Chicago Election Results 2019: Chicagoans share why they voted

CHICAGO (WLS) -- We went to neighborhoods on the north, south and west sides. We asked two questions: Did you vote? What are the most important issues facing the city of Chicago?

One of the common themes that we found in all of ours conversations with Chicagoans is they want change.

Here's how residents answered:

"Yes I did vote. I feel like a lot of people fought for the right to vote," said David Elam.

"I didn't because all of them in there, they are just going to get in there. They say one thing and they are going to do another," said Bernice Moore.

"To be honest I feel like they are all the same," said Angel Avarca.

"I did vote and I voted because it is a very important mayoral election," said David Saslavsky.

"The financial issues of the city," said Lowell Feinstein.

"The tax issues. Taxes are always going up," said Etaf Ghusein.

"I think a big issue as well how pilsen is specifically getting gentrified," said Cris Duran.

"The largest issue is the violence. I think a lot of it is caused by lack of job opportunities. I think that affects young black males in particular," said Darius Gaines.

"I am tired of hearing. Every time I turn around kids coming up dead. I lost so many youngsters in my family," said Barbara Clark.
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