Chicago's Puerto Rican community reacts to Governor Ricardo Rosselló allegations

CHICAGO (WLS) -- There have been massive protests against Governor Ricardo Rosselló sparked by the leak of an offensive on-line chat, as well as several allegations of corruption.

There are reports Wednesday morning that Gov. Rossello will step down, but as of now he remains in charge and on the island.

Those in Puerto Rico aren't the only paying close attention to this - members of the Puerto Rican community in the Chicago area are also watching. Humboldt Park resident Jessica Gutierrez has been glued to the news coming out of San Juan.

"He's a huge problem - 889 pages of misogynistic messaging, racist, I mean, he made fun of the dead. The over 4,000 people that died in our island," Gutierrez said.

Hundreds of thousands walked through the streets of San Juan demanding the governor step down after he reportedly made homophobic and sexist comments on chat messages, as well as disparaging remarks about the victims of Hurricane Maria.

Back in Chicago, members of The Puerto Rican Agenda stood with the protesters on the island while the governor refused to resign for more than a week.

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"He tried to refuse. He was refusing all along and that just made the protests even stronger. Millions of people would have not gone to San Juan had he resigned in the beginning when it was only hundreds, and then the hundreds became thousands, and the thousands became a million," the Puerto Rican Agenda/Co-Chair of Public Policy and Public Affairs, Carlos Jimenez Flores said.

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Puerto Rico's secretary of justice is expected to take Rossello's place. His chief of staff has already submitted his resignation which is set to take effect on July 31st.

"We're resilient and there is a strong awakening on the island, and I think it's only going to continue because I think this was a box that was opened," Gutierrez said.
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