Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton campaigning in Illinois on Labor Day

HAMPTON, Ill. (WLS) -- Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton will be rallying supporters in Illinois on Labor Day.

She'll attend the 49th annual "Salute to Labor" picnic at Hampton, Ill. near the Quad Cities.

The Democratic Party of Rock Island County has been preparing for the event all morning.

"They're really going to share their connection to the labor workers and they're going to explain how it is that they're fighting for them and what they're doing for them, but also they are out here to hear what they need and what's going on in their lives and their work experiences ," said Rock Island Democratic Party Chairman Doug House.

The event is really about organized labor and celebrating union workers. It is the largest labor event in the Midwest.

In addition to Hillary Clinton, Democratic candidates like Susana Mendoza and Tammy Duckworth will be in attendance as well as Senator Dick Durbin.
"We're a military family and we are just here to support Hillary in any fashion," said Clinton supporter Bridgett Schonberg. "If she's there, we're there."

"Out of everything I teach my kids in life I want to teach them love and to respect other people and that's a message that Hillary Clinton is putting out," said Clinton supporter Bethany Gohres.

One family from La Crosse, Wis. left home at 2 a.m. Monday morning to see the event's headliner, Hillary Clinton.

Event organizers are expecting nearly 5,000 people.

Clinton debuted her new campaign plane Monday. The Boeing 737 is wrapped with the logo "Stronger Together."
Clinton's first flight departed the Westchester Airport in White Plains, New York for Cleveland before heading to Illinois.

Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign plane.

Meanwhile, Republican nominee Donald Trump will also make a stop in Cleveland Monday. The Republican nominee along with his running mate, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, are taking part in a round-table discussion with union members there.

Trump is set to hold rallies in Virginia and North Carolina Tuesday.
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