Emanuel slams Rauner's proposed budget cuts

CHICAGO -- Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is accusing Illinois governor Bruce Rauner of trying to balance the state's budget on the backs of Chicago's working families.

Everything from kids to cops, technology to transit could be impacted by state budget cuts, according to Mayor Emanuel.

"I've been very clear to all the leaders and to the governor," Emanuel said on Wednesday. "This budget will not stand. It's wrong for Chicago and I believe it's wrong for Illinois."

The City forecasts Rauner's proposed budget would mean 1,000 fewer cops, $130 million in cuts to the CTA and 60,000 kids losing subsidized daycare.

"These centers provide more than just a safe space for children to be while parents are at work," said Evelyn Diaz of Chicago Family and Support Services, speaking about the cuts to subsidized daycare. "They feed our children, teach our children. They help our children with homework."

Emanuel now finds himself in the interesting position of blasting Rauner's proposed budget cuts even though the two are friends. Emanuel was no friend to previous Democratic governor Pat Quinn, a fact Emanuel's challenger Jesus "Chuy" Garcia is happy to point out.

"The mayor should go to Springfield and sit with Rauner and open up one of those expensive bottles," Garcia quipped, "and figure out how he's going to fight for the people of Chicago when his buddy is the person bringing on the bad news that affects every person in the city of Chicago."

But the mayor seemed to shrug off the implications of any friendship, saying, "Do I look like a silent person?"

Emanuel said Wednesday that he talked with legislative leaders about blocking budget cuts outlined by the governor.

"You can run for office saying here are the challengers. I understand you want to do that. I get it," he said. "I don't think you did the homework of saying ok, early childhood, let's do it differently. They just said cut."

And it's not just Chicago that could be impacted by the state cuts. The Daily Herald reports that Naperville stands to lose $7 million, Schaumburg could lose $3.5 million and Batavia could lose $1.3 million.

Governor Rauner's office released a statement Wednesday afternoon, saying: "Governor Rauner had to make some hard decisions to balance a $6 billion budget shortfall caused by years of fiscal neglect and bad practices. The amount of money transferred to local governments has ballooned by more than 40 percent in the last decade and the reduction to local governments proposed in the budget puts Illinois in line with neighboring states. In Governor Rauner's budget proposal, Chicago's overall revenues are reduced by less than 2.5 percent. Through the local government task force, Governor Rauner is committed to working with local communities to reduce costs and give them increased flexibility. Additionally, as part of his Turnaround Agenda, the governor proposed empowering local residents with tools to control costs at the local level and get more value for their tax dollars."