Father Pfleger invites Trump to Chicago, again, to talk about gun violence

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Fr. Michael Pfleger is waiting for President Trump to respond to his latest invitiation to visit Chicago. (WLS)

Fr. Michael Pfleger has sent a third invitation to President Donald Trump to visit Chicago and talk about gun violence in the city.

Trump latched onto the issue during his campaign and revisits the issue in his speeches and tweets.

"Stop talking about it and do something," Pfleger said on Wednesday. "So I wrote him and said, 'You keep talking about it, I invite you to come.' Visit the campus here, have a town hall meeting. Talk to people on the ground level and find out about it so maybe you can really help."

The prominent South Side priest at St. Sabina Church sent a letter on Tuesday after his name came up during Monday's White House press briefing.

Pfleger said he first wrote to the president 10 days after his inauguration. He sent a second letter a month later, but got no response.

On Monday, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders responded to a question about the letters: "I'm -- would have to look into that. I'm not aware of the individual or the letters, and so would have to check into that before I could make a comment on it."

The latest letter said: "I pray that you will come to hear for yourself and help us eradicate this epidemic."

Pfleger would like the president to hear first-hand from community members dealing with violence in their neighborhoods.

"You don't have to know Mike Pfleger but you're sure talking about Chicago. And I'm insulted that you keep talking about Chicago but you've never come to Chicago," Pfleger said. "He's talking about how horrible it is in Chicago. Well if you feel that way and you're the president of the United States do something about it, or shut up."

Pfleger said he's written to several presidents over the years and always received a response. He hopes this latest missive won't go unanswered.
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