Fight for Chicago's 5th Ward continues between William Calloway, Alderman Leslie Hairston

CHICAGO (WLS) -- There will be some fresh faces on City Council on Monday, as 12 new Chicago aldermen take their seats. But there's an ongoing battle for the 5th Ward on the South Side.

He lost by 176 votes, but William Calloway is not giving up his fight to become the new alderman of the 5th Ward.

"I owe it to the community. I owe it to the 6,000 people who voted for me in the 5th Ward and I will fight to the end," Calloway said.

Calloway is fighting through the courts after Chicago Board of Elections declared Alderman Leslie Hairston the winner a few weeks ago. The community activist, who also used the courts to help get the Laquan McDonald video released, is trying to stop Hairston from being sworn in to her sixth term on Monday.

He has filed a lawsuit asking for a new election. Calloway argues the election code was violated because the results were not properly certified by election judges in four precincts.

"In addition, 15 precincts did not provide election tape at the end of the night. Therefore, we feel like some errors have occurred and the election code violated the calls into the integrity of the election," Calloway said.

"There is no evidence that there were any irregularities in the election. They have been counted and recounted. Enough. Stop wasting taxpayers' money," Hairston said.

Hairston said she looks forward to her sixth term, and working with a new mayor and City Council. She is confident Calloway will not be successful in his quest to unseat her. Hairston questions Calloway's motives.

"I think it is a stunt; trying to stay relevant, trying to stay out there. I don't spend much time thinking about him or what he is doing," Hairston said.

Late Friday afternoon, a Cook County judge denied Calloway's temporary restraining order request to prevent Hairston from taking office. Calloway will return to court on May 23 for a hearing about his request for a new election.
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