Hillary Clinton encourages black women to run for office at Chicago fundraiser

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Hillary Clinton was the keynote speaker at the Ida B. Wells Legacy Committee Fundraising Luncheon in Chicago Thursday.

The audience was made up of mostly African American women.

"Black women have done more than your part to stand up for American values and to keep us moving forward," said Clinton.

Ninety-four percent of black women voters supported Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.

"It is not enough to thank black women, we need to support black women," she said.

The purpose of Ida's Legacy is to get more black women beyond the voting booths and into positions of political power.

Delmarie Cobb, the founder of the political action committee, said black women often lack the resources to run for office.

"The money is just not there. We don't have the same networks that our white counterparts have," said Cobb.

Sharon Fairley recently lost in the Democratic primary for Illinois attorney general in a crowded field of men.

"Sometimes people have a hard time envisioning black women in these really important political roles. So it is a challenge," said Fairley.

Former Illinois Senator Carol Moseley Braun said black women shouldn't let the challenges keep them out of the race.

"It's very difficult but you can't be deterred by the difficulties. You have to really be focused on the opportunities and the opportunities to the larger community," Braun said.
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