Immigrant rights groups seek information about ICE raids

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Immigration rights groups have filed Freedom of Information Act requests at 24 Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) field offices nationwide, including the Chicago office.

The group want transparency when it comes to planned raids by the Trump administration, demanding that customs officials reveal plans for massive round ups as many undocumented immigrants live in fear of being swept up in a raid.

"As immigrant rights advocates we are trying to see any avenues we can to figure out what ICE is doing and how we can report back to our communities to provide information to them," said Van Huynh, an immigration attorney.

Media reports say that ICE planned a sweeping immigration roundup in September, but cancelled plans after the hurricanes hit.
Immigrant rights advocates accuse the Trump administration of operating in a cloud of secrecy when it comes to its plans targeting undocumented immigrants.

"Because of anti-immigrant rhetoric and an agenda being peddled through executive orders, it's definitely inciting a lot of fear in our community," Huynh said.

Guatemalan native Anebal Fuentes is going through deportation proceedings. He had been illegally living and working in the U.S. since 2003. Four years ago, he was the victim of an ICE raid when federal agents knocked on his door looking for someone else.

"When they came to the apartment, they took control they took out a machine to finger print me, they told me I'm under arrest and detained me," he said via a Spanish interpreter.

Joining the fight for ICE transparency, Fuentes refuses to be afraid. He is hopeful he won't get deported.

"I have faith that won't happen, that's why I have to continue fighting organization to that doesn't happen," Fuentes said.
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