Peotone village trustee to resign over NFL injuries, 'all lives splatter' Facebook posts

PEOTONE, Ill. (WLS) -- A south suburban village trustee is under fire for a series of controversial Facebook posts.

Roy Hupke has been a Peotone village trustee since 2011, but he said he now plans to resign from his elected position following the controversy over some of his Facebook posts.

The posts were made on his personal Facebook page, which can be viewed by the public. One image, with the words "all lives splatter," shows a drawing of a car running into people. Another is of Hillary Clinton. But it's a post regarding NFL players taking a knee during the national anthem that's raised eyebrows. Hupke saying he hopes they have career-ending injuries.

"The comments of elected officials are that, they're private, personal and the village of Peotone has no comment on the individuals personal comments," Peotone Village President Steve Cross said.

Cross said 62-year-old Hupke was re-elected as a village trustee last year. Those who know him are weighing in on whether public officials sharing their personal opinions on social media is appropriate.

Hupke is a client of Judi Austell, owner of Judi's Shear Pleasure. She said she has not seen the posts.

"I don't know what their obligations are as far as when they sign on to be a board member, what they can and can't do. But he's a very verbal man and it's coming from his heart is whatever he's saying," Austell said.

Hupke is also an engineer at Little Company of Mary Hospital in Evergreen Park.

A hospital spokesperson said in a statement: "It is important to note that this post does not reflect the values or beliefs of Little Company of Mary Hospital. We take these allegations very seriously and it is currently being investigated internally."

Hupke told ABC7 Monday afternoon that his anger at football players kneeling during the national anthem "got the best of" him and that he may have "gone too far" in making his statement.

He said he is done with social media and public office. Late Monday afternoon, he deleted his Facebook page.
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