President Trump supporters give high grades for first 100 days in office

CHICAGO (WLS) -- As President Donald Trump approached his 100th day in office, many of his supporters continued to support him.

National polls show 96 percent of those who voted for the president think he's doing a great job. A group of supporters from Illinois were no different.

Tim Schneider gave him an 8.5 out of 10.

"Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, stellar appointment to the Supreme Court. The entire cabinet, stellar appointments. He's done a great job protecting our nations, the missles with Syria were warranted. I think what he's done with China was terrific," Schneider said.

Audry Tancos gave him a 9.

"He's done everything in his power to fulfill his promises. He's a workaholic. He cares about the American people. He wants to do the job,' Tancos said.

Talat Rashid gave him an 8.5.

"Carrier, that is a good example, he saved them," Rashid said. "He did an excellent job and that's a good example. He is pro manufacturing, pro business. He wants to create jobs, he wants to make sure we Americans are given the first preference."

Madelyn, a Trump supporter, said "To expect that everything is going to be done by day 100 is not realistic, but I feel our country is safer and what hasn't happened, we are well on our way."

Mickey Straub said he would like to see major changes, but gave Trump a 9.5 on core priorities.

"For the world to know that they can't push this president around and that probably is why he receives high, high marks because he is responding quickly and definitively just like he promised in the election," Straub said.

Compared to past presidents, Lori Yokoyama gave Trump a 10.

"He's made it clear to the world that the United States is willing to do whatever it takes to keep all the citizens safe as well as to support our allies in the world," Yokoyama said.

Health care was the one area the group express disappointment. They said they want to see results on the president's promise to repeal and replace the Afforadable Care Act. They believe it will get done, but would like to see it done faster.
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