President Trump's first month in office

CHICAGO (WLS) -- While much of President Trump's first month in office has been clouded with controversy, he has taken a lot of action. Whether it's rolling back regulations, ordering the wall to be built or rolling out an immigration ban, Trump supporters say the president is doing exactly what he promised.

He was not your typical candidate and, after one month in office, Donald Trump is proving he is not a typical president.

Executive orders, tweets and controversy. Amid the chaos, Trump supporters are standing by their man.

"I like that Trump has been an enforcer, he means what he says and says what he means and he is putting America first and I like that," said Trump supporter Cathryn Biga.

"He is doing what he said he would do," said Jeff Halm of the Chicago Young Republicans.

"I'm a firm believer in action speaks louder than words," said Trump supporter George Pearson.

In four weeks, Trump has signed at least 23 executive orders, signed five bills into law, nominated a Supreme Court justice and sent over 150 tweets. But inaugural crowd sizes, voter fraud accusations, alternative facts, an immigration ban and controversy over pre-presidency connections with Russia have contributed to Trump's dismal poll numbers.

Protesters have taken to the streets daily, which Trump supporters said is a big waste of time because they say he is not going anywhere.

"Protests don't just magically eject people from office, I think that is what people believe," said Halm.

"He doesn't give up a fight that is one of the reasons the man got elected because he is a fighter," said Pearson.

Although, some Trump supporters admit some of the president's actions have been sloppy and need a restart, like the immigration ban.

"I'm ok with him continuing to push it, but maybe revise it, revamp it, get the language out a little bit better, explain it better to people," said Biga.

Trump is expected to roll out a revised travel ban this week. As for his continued "tweeting", the Trump supporters ABC7 spoke with on Monday said the president should be able to speak his mind like anyone else.
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