State Rep. Scott Drury announces plan to combat 'corrupt' state government

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Scott Drury, a Democratic state representative from north suburban Highwood, is out with a plan to combat what he says is a corrupt state government.

Drury is one of eight Democratic candidates running for governor. He said what sets him apart is his willingness to address what he calls the "Madigan problem."

In his reform plan, Drury proposed ideas that include limiting House Speaker Michael Madigan's power.

As Democratic candidate for governor J.B. Pritzker continues to flex his financial muscle with yet another TV commercial, Drury is trying to get noticed.

"We are not trying to buy an election, we are trying to show what Illinois can be like," Drury said.

Running for governor, Drury is a former federal prosecutor who currently is a state representative from north suburban Highwood. But in Springfield, Drury is known as the only Democrat in three decades to vote against Michael Madigan as speaker.

"There are absolutely more Democrats who feel the way I do, they are scared they won't have the support or money to speak out," he said.

Speaking out against Michael Madigan is a big part of Drury's plan to rebuild Illinois. Calling the state morally, ethically and criminally corrupt, Drury says it time to impose a 10-year term limit on party leaders and make sure leaders do not have outside employment.

"We are going to stop the practice of party leaders being able to provide as much money unlimited amounts of funds to candidates," Drury said.

And Drury wants to stop a leader from covertly directing other people's money to a candidates. Drury is calling for an end of free meals and gifts from lobbyists to lawmakers and an end to gerrymandering, the process in which politicians map their own political districts.

Drury's plan also calls for pension and criminal justice reform. He says Illinois can save money by reducing its prison population. At the same time, he is calling for mandatory prison sentences for corrupt politicians.
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