Saturday Morning Extra: Pour Moi Climate Smart Skincare

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Could calling your relatives this holiday could make you look older?

Yes, we're afraid that's true. Your cell phone, tablet, television, and laptop all emit blue light radiation. The good news is you won't get a disease from it, but the bad news is, this radiation causes premature aging. It attacks the layer in your skin that manufactures all of the skin's good stuff like collagen and elastin.

If your electronic devices won't get you, the pollution will and cause skin inflammation that will make your complexion appear older. Pollution is everywhere not just in urban city centers, like Chicago. It's mostly invisible but the damage it does to your skin isn't.

So, what can you do to stop this premature aging in its tracks? Pour Moi Climate Smart skincare has formulated two innovative exquisite masks that defend against Blue Light Radiation and pollution. The Botanical Reversal Mask is your Blue Light Defender and the brand-new Rose Moisture Mask, infused with genuine rose petals defends against pollution. Both these hybrid beauty treatments are made in France, requires a few minutes each week and provides a beauty armor of protection against these 21st-century skin issues leaving your skin glowing, youthful, petal-soft and protected.

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Product: Botanical Reversal Mask + Rose Moisture Mask

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Retail Value: $84
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