Protests in City Hall, Washington Park for Ronald Johnson

CHICAGO (WLS) -- About two dozen protesters gathered outside Mayor Rahm Emanuel's office in City Hall Monday shortly after the release of dash cam video of the shooting of Ronald Johnson and an announcement from State's Attorney Anita Alvarez that no charges will be filed in his death.
They chanted "16 shots!" and held signs that read "I am Laquan McDonald."

There have been ongoing protests over the Chicago Police Department and city's treatment of African Americans since dash cam video of McDonald's shooting death was released on Nov. 23.

Tensions escalated when protesters began confronting police officers directly, and there was some shoving as protesters moved outside the roped-off area and blocked the elevators. During one scuffle, one protester was pulled to the ground and was arrested by police.

Protesters are calling for Emanuel and Alvarez to resign. They say city government has failed the African American community.

"Yes, we got McCarthy out of office. Anita is next, and Rahm is next," said protester Lamon Reccord. "So you think you're going to fight all these people, you're still not getting our vote. Because we're not going to forget the $200 million budget cuts you had in CPS, we're not going to forget the 50 schools you closed down, the 4,500 staff layoffs in CPS, we're not going to forget about the communities you refuse to serve with justice and needing attention. We're not going to forget about that."

On Monday night, at least 50 people poured into the intersection of 53rd and King Drive, the site of Johnson's fatal shooting, for a rally and march called "Chicago for Ronnie Man," titled for Johnson's nickname.

Dorothy Holmes, Johnson's mother, blasted Alvarez at the demonstration, saying: "And Anita Alvarez, she can go with them, too. Because she's still covering up this murder."

Another demonstration is planned at CPD headquarters on Wednesday at 7:30 p.m.

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