'Red Kite, Brown Box' play at Chicago Children's Theatre caters to kids on autism spectrum

CHICAGO (WLS) -- It's a multi-sensory adventure that caters to the needs of children on the autism spectrum.

The story of "Red Kite, Brown Box" allows every kid to be in the show.

"The premise of the show is that you can do anything with a box for sure. That is fun for kids I think than finding everyday objects ad transforming them to something fun to play with," Chicago Children's Theatre Artistic Director, Jacqueline Russell, said.

The story of the Smiley family moving into new home filled with boxes allows kids to take a box and transform it into anything they can imagine.

"It's completely interactive. The children get to sit in a bed box that is made out of one of the moving boxes and anytime the children that are the actors in the show come up with some kind of a surprise. All the children in the audience are invited to engage with us," Russell said.

To make sure every child is prepared to experience the show. Social stories are available in advance.

"The accessibility of allowing lots of different populations of children to come in and experience the show in their own way. Kids are going to get up and move and dance some might sit back and sort of just be the observers but it's nice that everyone can have their own experience," actor Nick Davio said.

It's an experience that is like no other for children of all abilities.

"This is all about getting up and moving and being yourself and the show is really about them so I really encourage folks that are curious about theater and want to have a fun family experience to please come out and give it a try," Russell said.

"Red Kite, Brown Box" is at the Chicago Children's Theatre until March 21.

For more information visit www.chicagochildrenstheatre.org/red-kite-brown-box.
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