Syrian refugee family arrives in Chicago after travel ban delay

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A Syrian family's dream to live in the United States came true Tuesday evening, as they arrived in Chicago after initially being barred from traveling due to President Trump's executive order on immigration.

The family has been trying to join other relatives in Chicago since 2013, and after more than three years, in what may be a very short legal window for refugees arriving in America, they walked through the arrival doors at O'Hare International Airport.

There's no way to prepare for what the moment feels like. The family was initially separated in September due to paperwork errors, and were relieve and overjoyed to finally be reunited.

Baraa, Ambulmajeed and their 16-month-old daughter were stopped on their way last week by the travel ban.

"They felt like their whole dream disappeared. When they saw the people rallying on their behalf and on behalf of so many other people, their hopes-they felt really inspired," said Suzanne Sahloul of the Syrian Community Network, who met the family at the airport and translated for them.

Their daughter is named Sham which means Damascus, the city where her family came from. She will grow up only knowing life in the United States.

"This is the country of dreams. And this is where they will rebuild their lives," Sahloul said.

There's a furnished home waiting for them, sponsored by a group of Lincoln Square mothers.

"It's pretty overwhelming just to see their faces," said Alisa Wartick, one of the family's sponsors.

They're together; wide-eyed and ready to greet a new life.
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