Pazzi Di Pizza in downtown Elmhurst, Dusek's Board & Beer in Pilsen tackle contactless delivery and takeout

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Pazzi Di Pizza in downtown Elmhurst was already well-positioned for social distancing, with a carry-out window and a separate entrance from the restaurant. But since their dining room, like every restaurant in the state, is now empty, workers wear latex gloves while handing over orders of pasta, salad and pizza.

"So we've been following all of the CDC guidelines, we have all of our employees wearing gloves and we're trying to do contactless delivery, whether it's delivery or curbside pickup," said Manager Anthony Lappo.

"Contactless" means employees and customers maintain a six-foot distance, often leaving bags at front doors, in car trunks or in the case of pickup, let guests grab their own bags, avoiding a "handover" situation.

"It's definitely a learning curve. These are things that we never really had to take into consideration before to this extent," said Lappo.

In Pilsen, along 18th Street, Dusek's Board & Beer is still busy cooking orders for delivery and pickup. They offer a free daily "family meal" for any of the dozens of employees their company has had to lay off. They continue to use their massive wood-burning oven, but they've set up three dividers at the entrance, so you can't really get too far inside.

"When you first come in to the facility, someone will greet you, and then you'll have a little bit of a holding area while they process your order; we're asking for most payments to be made by phone, so that there's no interaction between your credit card or anything like that. You'll be able to use some sanitizers, there's bags waiting for you and then they'll come and get your order and put it right here for you to pick up and be on your way to a delicious meal," said owner Bruce Finkelman.

While you wait, consider a pocket cocktail to-go, as long as it is legal to take booze out.
Finkelman says it's important for the restaurant to remember not only to keep a distance, but to continue cooking.

"I feel like this is a responsible way that we can provide a service to the community who still needs to eat," he said.

For at least the foreseeable future, restaurants all over Chicagoland have instituted this "contactless" delivery and pickup, some doing it curbside, some doing it in the building, but maintaining that 5 to 6-foot diameter and distance between customer and restaurant.

Pazzi Di Pizza
105 S. York St., Elmhurst

Dusek's Chicago
1227 W. 18th St.
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