Riot Fest makes waves in Humboldt Park

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Bad corporate citizenship? Or a clash of cultures? Riot Fest faces opposition after the festival that drew 100,000 fans made a mess of Humboldt Park.

"The festival is no longer sustainable," Charlie Billups, Humboldt Park Citizens Against Riot Fest, said.

The coalition Humboldt Park Citizens against Riot Fest doesn't mince words. They say they've had enough and no amount of money for cleanup or local business spin-off will change the group's mind. They believe the music festival has outgrown the venue.

"The aftermath of Riot Fest.. the conditions in which the park was left were horrible ...even today as we speak 100% that it has not been restored," Chicago Alderman Roberto Maldonado, Ward 26, said.

While Maldonado agrees with those constituents, Riot Fest has supporters, too, including the Puerto Rican Festival and Parade Committee.

"I think it is a missed opportunity I think there is a lot of opportunity for existing businesses to gear up for it," Kurt Gippert, business owner, said.

ABC7 News was unable to reach promoters of the musical festival. According to the Riot Fest website, the organization spent $152,000 and budgeted another $300,000 for repairs to bring the park up to the standard they, the city of Chicago and Humboldt Park residents demand.

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