'Roving sex chamber:' Man cruising for sex near school busted by teens

WHEATON, Maryland -- A man was arrested after authorities say he stopped his minivan and tried to proposition two teen sisters to perform sex acts in Maryland.

Investigators say the girls used a cell phone to record his license plate number. Daniel Dickson of Silver Spring is now a convicted sex offender.

In June, the 34-year-old stopped his silver minivan near Loiederman Middle School in Wheaton and asked two teenage sisters to perform sex acts. The girls called police.

"He pulled up, he wanted us to go inside the car," the girls told a 911 operator. "He was being so disrespectful. He got out of the car. We have the license plates and everything."

The sisters wisely used a cell phone to record Dickson driving away with his license plate in plain view.

When officers arrested Dickson, they found an array of condoms, body spray and a twin-sized mattress in the back of his Mazda minivan.

"It looks like the minivan was setup for being a roving sex chamber," said Montgomery County State's Attorney's Office spokesperson Ramon Korionoff told WJLA-TV.

Prosecutors say Dickson admitted to cruising suburban neighborhoods for women, with no concern for their age.

"They called 911, they caught the license plate on video and today we have a conviction against what seems to be a child predator," Korionoff said.

Dickson is scheduled to be sentenced in March.