Pack Like a Pro with the Go-To Girlfriend Sadie Murray

Sadie Murray has always been in the fashion world - from behind-the-scenes work to being on Season 9 of "The Bachelor" - Sadie has turned into the go-to expert for all things fashion, beauty and lifestyles.

Her popular website has tons of information from her. Sadie visits WCL to talk about the latest things and ways to pack for a trip like a pro!

Check out more from Sadie on her website The Go-To Girlfriend.


JOY First Class TuffTech Luggage Clothes It All Travel System
TIP: It all starts with the right suitcase. This is my ultimate packing hack because you literally don't have to fold your clothes. It has a mobile closet-Keep everything on the hangers. More compartments than you know what to do with and it doesn't just roll from TSA security to your gate, it TWIRLS.

CLARKS SHOES: Unstructured Collection

TIP: Don't wear any shoe that's hard to get off and on because it's a pain when going through security. Always wear close-toed for multiple reasons, but especially if it's cold on the plane, and always bring socks for a long flight! Always comfortable shoes in case you're connecting and walking from gate to gate in a big airport-also, be sure to pack heavier items like shoes along the walls of your suitcase.

TIP: Always pack more basics than you think necessary-you can never have enough cute white or solid color tee's. Bring items that can be worn more than once with multiple outfits-keeping everything in same color palette really helps!

JOY Lightweight Nylon TuffTech Pinstripe Better Beauty Case
TIP: Use your case for not only toiletries, but organize your jewelry, gadgets and "emergency kit" like advil, sewing kit, bandaids, etc.

JOY My Little Steamer

TIP: During travel, your clothes will inevitably wrinkle-always, always pack a mini-steamer to look fresh and put-together for those vacation photos and of course the 'gram!

TIP: Get a massage within 24 hours of landing to sooth any travel tension in muscles, increase blood flow, and improve circulation so you can better enjoy your trip.
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