'Safety' on Disney+ tells story of college athlete who gave his all for family

CHICAGO (WLS) -- "Safety" is a new movie based on the true story of a gifted college athlete with the bold spirit to put his future at risk to take care of his kid brother.

The stirring holiday movie can now be streamed on Disney+.

"Safety is about a Clemson Football player who has to hide his little brother on campus and try not to get caught by the NCA," said Thaddeus J. Mixson II who plays Fahmarr.

Ray's mom is in trouble. He's not going to abandon his 11-year-old brother, no matter what it costs him.

"Courage, I wanted to capture courage, I wanted to capture that he was a hard working young man, and I also wanted to be honest, I think honesty is the number one thing that Ray is so I wanted to show that.," said Jay Reeves, who plays Ray-Ray.

Ray's team and classmates embrace him with support.

"He's just all about family, and that's what the story "Safety" is all about, he has empathy and compassion, so I tried to capture that as best as I could," said Hunter Sansone who plays Daniel.

Corrine Foxx, who plays Kaycee, has some unexpected competition in the streaming sector from her father, Jamie Foxx, but she's not worried.

"We think it's super special that we both have movies coming out on the same platform within two weeks of each other. I don't know what father duo can say that," she said.
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