Salvation Army donation kettle stolen on Magnificent Mile in downtown Chicago

CHICAGO -- A red Salvation Army donation kettle was stolen from its post on the Magnificent Mile during Black Friday.

The kettle, posted outside the Under Armour Brand House, 600 N. Michigan Ave., was stolen Friday afternoon along with its stand and sign, according to Salvation Army spokeswoman Katie Pfingsten. Chicago police said the materials were stolen about 4 p.m.

The kettle held about $350 in cash donations, Pfingsten said. The stand was worth about $150 and the kettle itself worth another $50.

The thief made off with the kettle while the bell ringer was taking a break, Pfingsten said.

"It is very unfortunate that this happened," said Captain Jonathan Tamayo, corps officer for The Salvation Army Chicago Temple Corps. "All the money that is raised in the red kettles stays locally to help support families with food, energy assistance, clothing, toys and so much more. The money that has been taken now won't be available to help us support local families"

The money in the kettle would have gone to the Salvation Army Chicago Temple Corps Community Center, 1 N. Ogden Ave., Pfingsten said.

No one was in custody Sunday, police said.

(Source: Sun-Times Media Wire - Copyright Chicago Sun-Times 2019.)