Santa School is in session

More than 200 Santa Clauses traveled all across the nation to Mid Michigan hoping to make some magic and learn a few new skills.

"This is known as the Harvard of Santa schools," Sabrina Zielinski told WJRT. "They talk about everything. Things you wouldn't even think about, the legal aspects of Santa, health wellness and fitness, marketing, how Santa needs to find a Santa job."

They say it's much more than just a great beard that makes up Chris Kringle.

"I try to instill the real meaning of Christmas," said 5-year Santa veteran, Santa Joe. "The spirit of giving, the spirit of loving one another and being kind to each other. The golden rule, it still stands and that's what we try to instill in Santas."

"You have to have it in your heart and you have to be on your toes all the time, because you never know what the children are going to ask you," said Mrs. Claus, Mary Ida Doan.

Even those like Mary Ida, who've attended more than 50 Santa school sessions, can still learn tips and tricks from one another.

"If you look as authentic as you can, I've has children sit on my lap and say, 'Oh Santa I sat in one of your helpers' laps last weekend' and that's the biggest compliment you can be paid," said Santa Joe.

Although were still more than 50 days away from the big holiday, Mr. Claus says, they want to spread that Santa spirit all year long.

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