IRS scammer calls Texas police officer by mistake

MIDLAND, Texas (WLS) -- Many of us have gotten those threatening calls from scammers pretending to be IRS agents. If they call the right number they can steal thousands from an unwitting victim. But one scammer called the wrong number, and got a cop instead.

The scammer probably thought he hit pay dirt when he got someone to answer the phone. But he wasn't talking to a taxpayer anxious about his return, he was talking to a police officer in Midland, Texas.

Officer Daniel Stief knew he was talking to a scammer but played along. All the scammer got from him was an eyeroll.

Unfortunately the scammer could not be traced.

Here's a warning an advice: If you get a similar call it's easy to protect yourself. Police said just remember the IRS will never ask you to pay your taxes with a gift card.
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