School bus driver screamed threats, slammed brakes in Naperville, students say

NAPERVILLE, Ill. (WLS) -- Parents of some Naperville elementary school students are upset Friday after their children reported dangerous school bus rides.

Peterson Elementary students reported to their parents that the driver screamed profanities and slammed on the brakes, throwing students into seats and windows.

"He starts screaming because the first-graders were doing something that was apparently bad, he just stomps the brakes and everybody flies and hits their seat," said Grayson Jacquez, student.

Grayson, a fifth-grader, said some of the kids at his stop got off the bus in tears.

"All seven of the kids in our neighborhood came running to me, yelling for me, wanting help, upset. They said that the bus driver threatened to kill them," said his mother Sarah Jacquez.

"He came home crying and said 'Mom, the bus driver tried to kill us," said Traci Hesse, parent.

The school's principal sent a letter to parents about the incident, saying, "The First Student bus driver did not exhibit safe driving practices and we have asked First Student to remove this driver from our district. We have the highest expectation of First Student to safely transport our students to and from school each day."

First Student said they have taken the driver off the road while they investigate.

"I don't know who hired him. I don't know what kind of screening process or evaluation he had to go through in order to get the position," Sarah Jacquez said.

Parents in the neighborhood are thankful the kids were not hurt. They want to ensure this will never happen again.

"It's very disheartening, as a parent, to know now that we actually have to watch out for that. We all pay good taxpaying money to make sure our kids are safe. It's scary. We want to make sure that it gets taken care of," Hesse said.
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