Giant eclipse shades remind Chicago: solar eclipse is coming

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A solar eclipse is coming-and the Adler Planetarium wants Chicago to know about it.

The planetarium set up three sets of giant eclipse shades in the city, covered in important eclipse viewing information.

The giant shades - in Maggie Daley Park, on Oak Street Beach, and Daley Plaza - give tips on how to make a pinhole projector, explain the historical significance of a solar eclipse, and quite simply, let people know this eclipse is coming soon to our area.

The pair in Daley Plaza will be there through the eclipse on August 21, while the pair in Maggie Daley Park will move to Grant Park from August 4 through August 18. The pair at Oak Street Beach will be there until July 28.

The solar eclipse, which will cross the continental United States on August 21, passes through Carbondale, Ill. Although the Windy City will not fall within the range of totality - meaning the entire sun will not be blocked out by the moon over Chicago - the view will still be awesome from Chicago.

We have team coverage of this historical event, so keep an eye on for the latest solar eclipse news in the coming weeks.
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