Mom calls police to teach 3-year-old a lesson

PHOENIX, Ariz. -- A woman in Arizona called police to teach her young daughter a lesson about seat belt safety.

Michelle Fortin said her 3-year-old unbuckled her seat belt during a ride home on Monday.

Fortin then pulled over and explained to the girl why seat belts are important.

But the mom later decided that the lesson needed to be reinforced.

So she called police in Scottsdale, who were more than happy to come and back her up.

"I guess it was an extreme choice on my part to call police, but I knew she was gonna remember it and I knew by hearing from a police officer, who is a person of authority that my kids respect, I knew that was gonna drive the point home better than just hearing it from mom," Fortin said.

The strategy seems to have worked.

Michelle's daughter Camille promised to the officers that she would always keep her seat belt on.
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