Security ramps up in Wrigleyville, particularly near rooftops

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The Las Vegas shooting has raised concerns about events in Chicago. The Cubs are getting ready for their playoff games with the Washington Nationals.

With tens of thousands of people expected to be in Wrigleyville for Cubs postseason play, security is even more of a concern after what happened in Las Vegas. Law enforcement is now confronting threats that could come from above.

"They are going to have to start looking at other variables like we saw in Las Vegas. Are we going to have people at other vantage points looking out at for potential threats from high rise areas," said John O'Malley, a law enforcement analyst.

Sam Sanchez owns three bars near the ball park, including one with a rooftop. He said bar owners in the area keep in constant contact with police about safety and security. Sanchez has always told his employees to be on guard.

"We have security, private security, a lot of police in the area. We do make sure that we check bags," Sanchez said.

Officials with the Office of Emergency Management and Communications have had meetings with the Cubs for the last two days. They say they're ready for the playoff crowds and security will be in place on the ground and rooftops.

"We had already modified our plans from last year. As you know we have a lot of experience doing this now," said Rich Guidice, Office of Emergency Management and Communications. "If you see something, say something. It is up to all of us to keep each other safe. We are all in this together."

Officials said there are no known threats to Wrigley Field or Chicago. There will be a large police presence at Wrigley Field throughout the playoffs.
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