CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Several attempted break-ins, burglary, car theft on Lincoln Park block

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Several residents on the same street say they have home security video that shows the same man trying to enter their homes.

The man is believed to be tied to a string of attempted break-ins and some burglaries in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood.

Residents along the 2600 and 2700 blocks of North Southport and Greenview, which run parallel to each other, say their security cameras have captured regular attempts at home break-ins, and even a car theft. In recent video captured two days ago, a man can be seen looking for unlocked doors at around 3:30 a.m.. He tried multiple houses and was caught on several cameras in the neighborhood, though it is unclear if it is one man or multiple men.

According to residents who have been repeatedly offended, there have been around 30 break-ins in total in a two to three-block radius. Resident Adam Kincaid said he has had two attempted break-ins in the last six months, the most recent of which took place on Sunday night.

"My neighbor across the street's door was kicked in, the other people across the street had an intruder take two cars, someone attempted to take tires off a car, and this guy now on top of it. So that makes two right there in the past two weeks, so that's scary," Kincaid said.

One of the burglars even helped himself to the fridge while the homeowners put their children to bed on the 2600 block of North Greenview.

"It's like he took squatter rights for a couple of hours," Kincaid said. "He made a drink, ate food and then took their cars, and they didn't even know he was there!"

In doorbell footage captured by neighbors' security systems, a man attempts open the front door and then immediately after, goes for the car door behind him.

Neighbors are working together to put a stop to the intrusions.

"Our neighbors and I are trying to band together to get the information centralized so that we can help ourselves, defend ourselves, lock our doors, lock our windows, set our alarms, that way we are at least arming ourselves against whoever is doing this the ring doorbell has helped each of us inform each other and get footage," said Amber Sisney a Lincoln Park resident.

32nd Ward Alderman Scott Waugaspack said he's called for more police details and that the police commander of the 19th District will be at the next community meeting. Residents said they are running into an issue with patrolling because they are privately-owned properties.

"Since late 2012, we had a reduction in officers in the 19th District when they did the merger and there hasn't been a huge uptick in the number of officers that used to be here, so that's something that under hopefully a new administration we'll take a second look at," Waguespack said.

Most homes have security systems with cameras and have captured a man wearing a hood over his face attempting the break-ins. Neighbors said that even though no one has been harmed, they feel violated and go to sleep nightly wondering if tonight will be the night their home will be broken in to while they sleep.
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