Coronavirus in California: 7 people issued $1,000 tickets for violation of stay-at-home order, Santa Cruz police say

Seven people were issued $1,000 tickets in the coastal city for allegedly violating the state's stay-at-home order.
SANTA CRUZ, Calif. -- Seven people were issued $1,000 tickets in Santa Cruz for allegedly violating California's stay-at-home order.

The police chief in Santa Cruz said the seven individuals came to the coastal city from Fremont.

A photo from Chief Andrew Mills shows the alleged violators outside of a 7-Eleven store, where he said they were buying drinks.

"If you are not from Santa Cruz and you put our community at risk, you will get a ticket," he said on Twitter.
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Using the guidelines spelled out in the bill passed this week, we're providing a calculator to help you figure out the amount that you're likely to receive.

The state's shelter-in-place order limits Californians' travel to only the essentials -- such as food, car repairs or caring for a family member.

The order is in place due to the novel coronavirus pandemic and is intended to promote physical distancing.

Gov. Gavin Newsom on Friday applauded Californians distancing efforts so far, but urged residents to continue staying at home and sheltering to flatten the curve even further.

California has 21,482 confirmed cases of COVID-19. A total of 599 residents have died in the state due to the virus.

This instance in Santa Cruz is not the first case of a shelter-in-place violation in the Bay Area.

San Jose police said at the time that they were taking more of an educational approach to the violations.

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