Source: 4 killed, including gunman, in shooting at UPS facility in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO -- A source says that four people have been killed, including the gunman, after a shooting at a UPS facility in the area of 17th Street and San Bruno in San Francisco.

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The source says the shooter turned the gun on himself after firing on the victims during the drivers' morning meeting around the time of a shift change. He reportedly died at SF General. There are reportedly multiple victims at the hospital.

SFPD is going through the building, making sure there aren't any other accomplices but they say the building is secure. It is believed he acted alone.

A source says the gunman was a single shooter and that he is a disgruntled employee.

San Francisco police are holding a news conference at 11:30 a.m. with updates.

UPS released a statement Wednesday saying, "UPS confirms there was an incident involving employees within the company's facility in San Francisco earlier this morning. Local law enforcement have control of the facility and are conducting an investigation. The company is cooperating with law enforcement. We cannot provide information as to the identity of persons involved at this time, pending the police investigation."

David Phister says he lives across the street and heard four shots fired at 9 a.m. When he ran to the window, he says there was a brief moment after the four shots and then he says he thinks he heard four more then saw a lot of people running out of the building.

Phister says the area where the shooting occurred was at the garage doors at the corner of 17th and Utah, a part of the building for employees only.

San Francisco police are advising residents in the area to shelter in place.
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