Bake Girl Scout cookies year round with the Girl Scouts Cookie Oven

This fall, you can bake your own delicious cookies at home with the Girl Scouts Cookie Oven. (Wicked Cool Toys)

There's no feeling quite as disheartening when you finally finish a box of Girl Scout cookies. Luckily, one new toy makes it able for you to create your own version of the treats at home.

Wicked Cool Toys announced in a press release their upcoming Girl Scouts Cookie Oven, inspired by the popular female youth organization and their iconic treats. According to the press release, the toy will feature a real working oven, viewing window and a warming station where creative cookie connoisseurs can make their treats.

The Girl Scouts Cookie Oven bears strong resemblance to the classic Easy Bake Oven toy from Hasbro, which has sold over 23 million units since being introduced in 1963, and was inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame in 2006.

Girl Scout cookies have always been popular, but the treats have made national headlines in the past months. In January, an Arizona Girl Scout troop sold $355,000 in cookies as they attempted to set the record for most Girl Scout cookies sold in one day.

Earlier this February, a San Francisco Girl Scout troop was able to sell 208 boxes by setting up outside of a pot dispensary.

You can expect to see the Girl Scouts Cookie Oven in stores this coming fall.
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