Best TVs to watch 2020 Super Bowl

If you're looking to impress your friends with an exciting Super Bowl party, it may be time for a new, big screen TV.

Retail experts are seeing a lot of stores slash prices on those popular big screen TVs but with so many choices out there and making a selection can be tough.

The matchup for the big game is set. White most of us can't make it, but watching it on a big screen TV is the next best thing.

"So this is actually a good time to buy a TV," said Jim Willcox of Consumer Reports. "Black Friday gets most of the attention. We do see some of the lowest prices of the year at Black Friday, but in the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl there are a lot of promotions, prices drop."

But which TV should you buy? Consumer Reports is here to do the heavy lifting.

"We put TVs through batteries of tests, everything from picture quality to viewing angle," Willcox said.

A lot of TVs that are at the top of our ratings are LG OLED TVs.

"They're a little bit pricey at about $1800 for 65 inch set, but they do everything right, " Willcox said. "They have great picture quality, great sound, and they have unlimited viewing angle so no one in the room is going to get a bad view."

Need something cheaper? How about a 65-inch Samsung 4k QLED TV for about $1,200.

"One of the things it does well is that it helps to reduce motion blur," Willcox said. "A lot of LCD TVs blur when it's fast moving scenes like you get in sports, and the Samsung TV does a good job stopping that."

"There's an up and coming brand called TCL," Willcox said. "That's our bargain pick this year. It's a six series TV and it's only $700-$800 for 65 inch."

And only about $500 for a 55 inch set. The sound won't be as great as the others, so you decide if that's something you can sacrifice.

And what on earth are these TV terms like OLED TV and LCD TV?

"OLED TVs are a new kind of TV technology in which every pixel is able to give off its own life," Willcox said. "LCD TVs are also called LED TVs, some companies call them QLED TVs or ULED TVs. These are really just LCD TVs that require an LED backlight. One of the issues with backlights is sometimes light leaks through so you don't get those great black levels that you do with OLED TVs."

Consumer Reports says OLED TVs continue to top its ratings, but LCD TVs are making big improvements every year.

Consumer Reports has done stories on smart TVs spying on you and collecting data, but Consumer Reports says you can turn those features off. Visit Consumer Reports' website for more information.

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