Wacky pumpkins for sale in Chicago store

CHICAGO, Ill. (WLS) -- There's a wacky batch of pumpkins for sale in Chicago's County Fair grocery store.

They're the same color and feel as other pumpkins. But these come with a smile--sort of-- on the face of Frankenstein's creation.

If you tried chatting with these pumpkins, you probably wouldn't get very far. But they're bound to start a conversation with another human.

"I thought they were amazing," said customer Doris Mohammed, who stopped to take a look with her granddaughter.

Store president Tom Baffes heard about these autumnal twists from his supplier and saw an opportunity to surprise customers.

"Definitely stops people in their tracks...Not a lot of people have bought them yet, but they love looking at them."

It could be because they're pricey at $49.99. Plus, some would rather craft their own jack-o'-lantern.

"I would go with the old school carving method," said Nick Brumfield, another store visitor.

If you want to avoid mess, there's no carving required for the "Gruesomesteins," as they're called by creator Cinagro Farms.

The California producers use specially designed molds to shape the pumpkins as they grow, Creating Gruesomesteins that seem to have their own individual personalities-that always turn heads.
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