Signed Anthony Rizzo photo missing from young cancer patient's room

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (WLS) -- A signed photo of a Chicago Cubs player may have been stolen from a 12-year-old cancer patient's room at St. Louis Children's Hospital.

Abby Schrage of Highland, Ill., celebrated the completion of one round of cancer treatment at St. Louis Chldren's hospital over the summer. Waiting for her at home when she was done was a prized picture and autograph of her favorite baseball player: Anthony Rizzo. He even sent her a letter.

"He had childhood cancer himself, that's a great inspiration to show her when you are done with this battle nothing can stop you," said Jill Schrage, mother.

But Abby returned to the hospital for a bone marrow transplant in September, and over the weekend the picture disappeared from her hospital room.

"We scoured the room, moved all the nurse carts, we even checked the hallway," Schrage said.

The hospital is checking its security cameras for clues but now, thanks to Rizzo replacing the photo and autograph, Abby can concentrate on her treatments. Rizzo also sent an autographed jersey upon hearing the news.

Abby keeps a count on her wall of the number of days she's been in the hospital. Her mom said they would love nothing more than the next time Abby is ready to celebrate going home, she can take that beloved Rizzo picture with her.

The family is eternally grateful for the replacement, but puzzled by the disappearance.

"I just think if somebody did steal it if they could return it, that picture meant the world to this little girl and I don't know how valuable it is to somebody else," Schrage said.

The hospital said it is investigating and checking their security cameras trying to figure out what happened.

Rizzo runs a foundation for childhood cancer treatment and research. He is a cancer survivor himself.

As Abby's family is from just east of St. Louis, so their baseball allegiance is split: her dad roots for the Cardinals, while she and her mom love the Cubs. Now, of course, the whole family cheers for Anthony Rizzo.

CNN contributed to this report.
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